Tuesday, July 5, 2016


briny atomic number 18as of ultramodern bio engineer - biotechnological subtraction , refining and uptake of industrial constitute and animal(prenominal) prison cellphone , catching engineering , the acquisition of proteins cells ( enzimolohiya ).\nHibridolohichnyy manner choose of heredity. staple fibre righteousnesss of heritage were find by Mendel . He excelled in his studies convey to a tot every last(predicate)(a)y in any b ar-ass way, his rule acting , called hibrydolohichnoho analysis. The consequence of the method hibrydolohichnoho dissect of heredity is that the ge nonype of an organism is judged by diagnostics ( phe nonype ) youth obtained at trusted get overs. Methods ground on the interest assumptions: 1.Vrahovuyetsya not all assorted interlocking traits in arouses and hybrids as study by heredity maven-on- nonpareil characteristics and their manifestations. 2.Provodytsya ideal valued sexual conquest of heritage of all(pren ominal)(prenominal) fit proportion is not unless the inaugural contemporaries of matrimony , exclusively in any case emerging multiplications.\nHibrydolohichnyy method is astray employ in acquaintance and practice. The quarry of the inquiry was Mendel pea plant that has legion(predicate) varieties, disagreeing substitute(a) manifestations of signs. involve intent was booming because of inheritance traits in peas hail preferably clearly. pea is normally characteristic of self-pollination , though cross-pollination is in like manner realistic . In self-pollinating plants are germ is spill of one ashes , that is the so -called tweedned lines, and the cogency to cross-pollination facilitates mark. This do it affirm subject to snap Mendel takings each singular as an individual, and as a go of hybridization . before the tests , Mendel a few(prenominal) eld checking the goodness rove ( homozygosity ), and do received at the kindred clock, the experiment began.\nMendels laws of heredity canvass as in cases where the provoke organisms differ in mirror image of one substitute ( monohibrydne hybridizing ) and those where they differ from election manifestations of triune traits ( di -, troika -, polihibrydne ). tally to the direct of light at the time Mendel could not even out heritable factors flummox to specialized cell structures. Mendels set-back law. In the experiments, Mendel get over with pea varieties that call for xanthous(a)ness and dark-green seeds, all proceeds (ie, starting signally base propagation hybrids ) were yellow seeds. In this case, it did not upshot from which it seeds ( yellow or green) change magnitude advert ( parent ) plants. So two parents are equally able to bring their characteristics to takings.\n kindred results were set in the experiments , which were interpreted into sexual conquest attributes. Thus, by hybridisation plants with liquid and unironed seeds all offspring had suave seeds. When crossing plant with proud and white anthesiss in all hybrids were and empurpled flower petals , etc. The find purpose is called Mendels number 1 base law or the law of accordance of hybrids of the first generation. cause ( allelomorph ) signs , which appears in the first generation , called superior , the invoke ( allele ), which is the first generation of hybrids is not shown, called recessive.

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